Carmen is a postgraduate student in Marketing Communications with interests and knowledge across Marketing,  Branding, Digital Media, Design and Film-making.



As human beings, we are instinctively drawn to stories – it is through stories that we learn; it is through stories that we feel; it is through stories that we give meaning; and it is through stories that we connect.

Many preach that great Marketers are great storytellers. To quote Plato,


“those who tell good stories rule the world.”

For as long as I could remember, my dream was always to work in the film-making/broadcast industry. The thought of being able to make people feel and react a certain way through film fascinated me. But somewhere along the way, I found this path was not as rewarding as I imagined it to be – film-making is something I still enjoy but view as more of an interest than a career path.

In the midst of dealing with this sudden lack of direction, I stumbled upon the wonders of Marketing. Through Marketing, I discovered a new means for storytelling that, I felt, was more rewarding – as it has a more direct and immediate influence on people and their actions. I readily took this as my new calling.

Upon completing my Bachelors in Media and Communication at RMIT, I applied to pursue a Masters in Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne. With one last semester to go, I’m looking forward to new challenges and opportunities ahead and am excited to see where they’ll lead me.





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