Pre-cycle is a mobile app founded on the belief of reducing waste (before it is even created) for a more sustainable environment. Pre-cycle’s goal is to mobilize the current generation to act now in order to achieve a cleaner and greener environment for future generations, and does so by incentivizing consumers through rewards and social validation.

This is an ongoing collaborative project by Ashna Kaul, Ming Lei Tan, and myself.

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What does “happiness” mean to you?



The “Merry-Go-Round” (M.G.R.) project is a student-based initiative launched in September 2014 in collaboration with RMIT University’s Students Group. Running in conjunction with R U OK Day, the M.G.R. campaign focuses on promoting happiness and positive thinking on campus – so as to boost mental and emotional well-being, and at the same time inform students and staff of the Counselling services available at RMIT.

M.G.R. is a student project by Campbell Ferguson, Nur Mirrah Amit, Sophie Nettlefold, and myself.

The Campaign

Filmed & Edited by: Campbell Ferguson





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